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Fort Lauderdale Marine Center - Where the Boats Are


Concord Marine Electronics Lauderdale Marine Center service

And now it’s Concord Marine Electronics territory, with our latest service center right in the heart of Fort Lauderdale’s newest, biggest, and fastest growing full service marine repair facility.  While we have always been close to the action with our spacious showroom and tech center in central Fort Lauderdale, adding on-site Concord Electronics technicians and engineers to this busy shipyard saves our customers time and money. Our LMC service center covers our complete product line, including Marine Data Solutions  modems and antennas, Crestron, KVH, Furuno, Fusion AV, Intellian, Kaleidescape, and more.

Concord Electronics completed a rigorous screening process earning Lauderdale Marine Center Premier Partner Status, the only marine electronics sales and support company qualified as an LMC Authorized Contractor. Creating an LMC service center puts us in the center of the action, with the unique advantage of being the only electronics company in Fort Lauderdale not needing to charge travel time at Lauderdale’s busiest yard.

Concord full-time staff at Lauderdale Marine Center includes technicians and project managers, and we have built our facility out with all the on-site testing and repair equipment we need to plan, engineer, install, and service our complete product line. We provisioned our shop with the inventory and skills we need to deliver fast, efficient, and comprehensive service to the busy boatyard. Concord factory trained and certified technicians, designers, and installers remain at the leading edge of marine electronics technology and increasing our presence at the center of Fort Lauderdale’s marine industry positions us to continue to build our reputation for outstanding customer service and support.

LMC advantages:

  • LMC Authorized Contractors- vessel owners and project managers respect the ability of a company to reach a certified level of competence through an outside agency audit of skills, reputation, and experience.

  • Presence- significant efficiencies in the repair process as our repair benches, test equipment, and inventory are on-site. Technicians and staff are based at LMC.

  • Scheduling and collaboration-ability to coordinate with the complete repair plan avoiding situations where the electronic techs show up just as the painters mask off the bridge.
  • Currency- there is no substitute for interaction with our customers, and the crew and staff managing each vessel. On-premises means close and frequent meetings and availability, increasing that shared knowledge of what the schedule and goals require
  • Economy- decreasing travel time means less cost and more efficient processes, reducing transportation, storage, delay, and motion, leading to significant savings in both cost and time.

     Concord Marine Electronics earned a reputation in Fort Lauderdale’s marine industry, earned LMC Authorized Contractor status, and now we have placed a service center at the heart of the marine industry in Fort Lauderdale.

  Concord at LMC-  where the boats are.

For more information please visit our website, use our Contact page, email us at, or call us at +1 (954) 779-1100.

Marine Data Solutions at Lauderdale Marine Center

Monday, April 20, 2020

New website for a new world

concord electronics marine electronics yacht electronics website 2020
Concord Marine Electronics | new website for 2020

Technology producers and suppliers, marine and otherwise, like Concord Marine Electronics  lead by enabling mobility, security, and connectivity solutions preserving the ability of customers to stay informed, safe, and positioned to take advantage of one of their most useful assets- a safe floating retreat capable of isolation and movement. The new Concord Electronics website captures that innovative spirit, and a new design provides the best platform to display the wide range of design, installation, service, and technology we deliver.

Innovation and continuous improvement cannot and do not stop in times of crisis. In fact, times like these demand that companies persevere and adapt to better invest in the post-crisis world we will welcome shortly. Concord Marine Electronics maintains a leadership position- in technology, in customer service, in advanced design capabilities, and our team today looks forward, to what yachting and electronics will look like in tomorrow’s “new normal”. We are focusing on the future and using our new website design to launch ourselves and our strategies to keep our customers connected, safe, and on course.

Bandwidth- critical and in the realm of “life support” in the COVID-19 lockdown. That will not change and our partner at Marine DataSolutions continues to work on infrastructure and availability, and importantly ease of access. Online enrollments, video, phone, and chat support, and the integration of hardware and software make it easy for our clients to keep their yachts connected.

Bandwidth management and networking- the need for connectivity to, from, and throughout your yacht rose to a new level as video chat and conferencing, remote work, and the demand for remote services and information increased during the crisis. This will never return to its pre-crisis status. Communication, monitoring, maintenance, and entertainment over the wire and over the air demand adaptive connectivity- satellite, 4 and 5G, and wired connections must switch seamlessly always seeking the best and most efficient and economical paths. Concord’s focus on design and engineering  uniquely positions us to upgrade and service network performance, and during the crisis we are actively seeking new processes, procedures, and partners to enhance yacht connectivity.

Trust- who do you want on your yacht? Employees vetted, tested, certified- or subcontractors? Concord’s promise differentiates us. Our focus on trust, training and verifiability will intensify. Our customers will continue to get all the details of who, how much, when and what we need access to with full transparency.

Service- Concord plans to lead a revolution in remote service capabilities. We will seek out and develop new ways to connect to your equipment for software and configuration updates and changes. We will encourage and focus on manufacturers who see this as a priority to reduce the need to travel or be on-site when hardware or infrastructure demands do not exist. Help Desk availability and continuation and expansion of our 24-hour phone support and secure video and remote access will greatly expand our ability to keep customer equipment completely operational. 

There is a saying that Tesla is a technology company that makes cars. If you reflect on what your experience during the COVID-19 crisis would have been like without bandwidth and Amazon it is clear that the “new normal” favors that mindset- that companies taking  the lessons about remote work and management, supply chain integrity, and adaptive and responsive personnel will be able to improve service and product delivery.

Our new website describes Concord and builds on that promise to our clients:

  • About Concord  lays out the standards we adhere to in new builds, upgrades, and service, where we meet and exceed manufacturer specifications ensuring proper warranty coverage.
  • Validation and certification: Concord will continue to look for trusted partners like Lauderdale Marine Center. Raising professional standards, encouraging certifications, and demanding the highest in professional skills and conduct protects yachts, crews, and trust in the marine industry.
  • Concord installers and technicians- vetted, trained, monitored, and insured- are employees, not subcontractors.
  • Unlike others, Concord prices are quotes, not estimates. We want to discuss value above and beyond price- and when it comes to critical marine systems including navigation, security, and communication value, quality, and performance in adverse conditions remain critical decision points.

Concord’s practices and culture position us to not just endure COVID-19, but to learn, adapt, grow, and prepare for the next evolution of yachting and technology. Our new website confirms our commitment to the future as we expand our services to better face new challenges, and most importantly, embrace new opportunities to make yachting safer and more fun. 

Please contact us through our site at, email us at, or call +1 (954)779-1100


Fort Lauderdale Marine Center - Where the Boats Are

  And now it’s Concord Marine Electronics territory, with our latest service center right in the heart of Fort Lauderdale’s newest, biggest...