Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Yacht Security and Concord Marine Electronics

Camera systems, door sensors, laser motion detectors, glass break sensors- all components of a modern and well-designed yacht security system. And well-designed is the key- the best equipment in the world requires expertise and experience in design and installation, and Concord Marine Electronics  experts make each security system greater than the sum of its parts.

Yacht security needs can change rapidly, and regular reviews of your equipment and security plan should be part of your maintenance routines. “Security isn’t just for a new build,” says Concord lead designer Michael Robilio, “but should be reviewed internally and by external experts regularly. It’s too important, and the technology evolves quickly. Keeping family, crew, and guests safe means staying technically and operationally up to date. Our skilled technicians and design consultants can work with you, including on-site surveys, to update and validate your security plan and system and keep your systems consistent with your security needs”.

 “Our FLIR™ systems provide the best available monitoring and surveillance for any yacht, regardless of size,” Mr. Robilio continued. “FLIR™  lets you see through darkness or haze or smoke and pinpoint activity, or trouble, anywhere on board your yacht. Real-time mobile access, and past events, are just a tap away wherever you are.”

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Access control and situational awareness remain critical in port

FLIR™, a global leader in the security space, supplies the military, industry, and commercial markets with visible light, video analytics, and thermal imaging products which Concord incorporates into your yacht’s advanced threat detection system. Concord design engineers and factory-trained technicians work with your builder, shipyard, or crew to furnish and install a system tailored specifically to the layout, location, and needs you as a yacht owner or manager require. Intelligent interior and exterior video surveillance with text and email alerts, geo-fencing and location services, and access control all need thoughtful and professional design to fit properly into your overall security posture.

Concord Marine Electronics security plans include:
  • Intrusion prevention and detection
  • Vessel movement
  • Control access to boarding devices
  • High water alarms
  • Shore power interruptions
  • Engine room monitoring
  • Playback, event storage and retrieval
  • Nigh-vision and thermal imagery
  • Remote pan-tilt-zoom
What factors should yachts consider when designing a security system?
  • Location- where you will be cruising and docking, considering local resources, response time, network availability
  • Interior layout- what needs monitoring, and with what technology? Video, audio, motion, which sensors are appropriate for privacy and security of those onboard?
  • Reporting and data storage requirements- where and how should data be stored?
  • Testing, training, familiarization with the equipment- is it user-friendly, are there regular software and firmware updates, how do they get applied, and how responsive is the support team?
  • Hardware- battery backup, tamper protection, access logging to systems, least-privilege access by default, redundancy, stealth modes...
Yacht security systems protect life and safety, first and foremost, keeping family, guests, and crew safe and secure. Everything else onboard your yacht is state-of-the-art: entertainment, propulsion, navigation, communication. Your yacht security system protects all your systems-and people- and should be current and robust .  Technology advances quickly, and unfortunately those who would take advantage of attractive targets take advantage of those advances as well.

A thorough review of your onboard security cameras, monitors, sensors, and policies and procedures done by professionals at Concord Marine Electronics  will elevate your security posture underway, at the dock, in the shipyard, at anchor- wherever yachting takes you.

Concord Marine Electronics designs, supplies, installs, and services yacht security systems, provides new systems, upgrades existing systems, and expands capabilities including remote monitoring, email alerts, remote control, thermal imaging, and other advances in yacht security. Check Concord’s website security page for more information- contact us by email [link], telephone at +1 (954)779-1100, or through the Contact page at our website.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

GPS Rollover- What it is and how can Concord Electronics help?

Where are you? Where are you going? And what is GPS rollover?

As a yacht owner, operator, or captain you rely on GPS, or the Global Positioning System, to provide an accurate position-within meters- of where your yacht is and how to get to your destination. Are you aware of the upcoming GPS rollover and the effect it could possibly have on you and your boat?  And how Concord Marine Electronics can help?

Concord Marine Electronics helps you prepare for GPS rollover- service and support for GPS marine equipment.
Yacht electronics rely on GPS for navigation- Concord Marine Electronics provides expert sales, service, support.

What is GPS Rollover?

  • GPS relies on time- satellites transmit the precise time to a receiver, and the receiver needs to understand and use that precise, millisecond time.
  • The GPS receiver downloads the time in equipment-friendly format- week/second- and then processes that data into user-friendly format- year/month/day/hour/minute/second.
  • The GPS satellite language or code has a hard internal limit- 1024 weeks and then a new cycle starts. That's where the term "rollover" comes from- your GPS equipment must be able to roll over to a new week cycle.

And the effect on me?

That depends. If your older equipment can’t understand the rollover, it will immediately be 19.7 years out of sync with the GPS system. Critical systems, like yacht navigation, will throw potentially massive errors which could lead to wrong decisions about course and position.

Yacht Navigation- GPS and Concord Marine Electronics

If your equipment is new, or has been able to process firmware updates, your GPS receivers should be ready. Some manufacturers have built this functionality into their devices, and some rely on an update procedure. Some update processes require inserting and running a USB memory stick, and some receivers require manual input.

What do I do?

Newer receivers should be fine. But, due to the critical nature of a GPS error in yacht navigation, verifying the ability to properly react to the GPS rollover is important.  

First, get your specific device information- manufacturer, model, serial number. Check with the manufacturer for a certificate of compliance. If your equipment manufacturer cannot verify that your receiver will process the rollover, or suggests testing, Concord Marine Electronics has the equipment, training, and knowledge to ensure navigational accuracy after the GPS rollover. 

Concord technicians understand the process and the importance of removing any doubt that your GPS receiver remains accurate and reliable.    Concord, as a Certified NMEA Master Dealer, works closely with all major manufacturers, like Furuno, Raymarine, Simrad,Boning, and Garmin  and already has their recommendations in hand on specific models. Some legacy or older models should be replaced, and some will require specific procedures for update and testing, including simulations and other manufacturer-level diagnostic and programming. 

Concord Marine Electronics is ready.

Want to be sure of where you are and how to get to your destination after the GPS rollover? Contact Concord Marine Electronics for consultation or service. Concord can ensure your ability to smoothly transition to the new GPS cycle- please call us at +1 954-779-1100 or email our service or engineering staff. Concord doesn’t just sell equipment- we are a team of customer service specialists trained and experienced in yacht navigation electronics and we have the tools, diagnostic equipment, and training to make sure your equipment is ready for the change.

For a complete description of Concord Marine Electronics' yacht navigation sales and support, visit our Navigation web page.

Concord Marine Electronics sales, services, and supports yacht navigation systems - ready for GPS rollover
Concord Marine Electronics - GPS navigation sales, service, support

Yacht Security and Concord Marine Electronics

Camera systems, door sensors, laser motion detectors, glass break sensors- all components of a modern and well-designed yacht security syst...