Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Navigate with Concord Marine Electronics

concord marine electronics yacht navigation fort lauderdale florida
Concord Marine Electronics - Yacht Navigation, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Raymarine, Furuno, Simrad, Boning, Garmin, Flir- all easily recognized as industry leaders manufacturing some of the finest marine and yacht navigation equipment in today’s market.  We all know we can buy equipment anywhere, but Concord Marine Electronics in Fort Lauderdale turns  equipment into a dependable, accurate, and user-friendly system providing confidence in the ability to get you where you want to go- night or day, any weather, any ocean.

And that’s where Concord Marine Electronics comes in. State-of-the-art equipment demands state-of-the art design, engineering, installation, and service. Concord’s NMEA Master Dealer Status is just one certification earned through years of dedication, study, and experience on the world’s finest yachts.

Concord technicians engage with annual manufacturer-conducted training on the absolute latest yacht electronics equipment and systems.  To make it all work together, Concord technicians and your installation team teach integration and operation based on years of experience working with yacht builders, owners, captains, and crew. Your Concord team doesn’t just know the product line, but how to make it intelligent, seamless, and intuitive on your yacht. Concord works from design concept to sea trial and beyond- support doesn’t stop after that first trip.

Concord engineers, installation techs, and service experts train in:

  • New ultra-high-def radar systems- Furuno UHD™ digital radar for the best possible situational awareness, day or night, any weather
  • Bathymetric charts-  a topographic display of underwater features to aid in both navigation and finding the perfect fishing spot
  • Photo overlay plotters- heightened imagery helps you navigate crowded inlets and anchorages and reveals hidden features. Choose the right level of transparency for each course you choose, and even work in 3D and and with panoramas
  • Touch screen controls and displays give you the tools to monitor, navigate, and control each leg of your voyage in total confidence.

concord marine electronics yacht navigation equipment design install
Concord Electronics- engineering and designing modern yacht navigation systems

Equipment from all the major yacht and marine electronics manufacturers, constant training on new technology, design and integration engineers using the latest CAD and modeling tools, and dedication to customer support and service fit into a systems approach to yacht navigation and electronics. It’s never just the hardware- it's always about designing a package capable of working anywhere, in any conditions, on any passage. 

From knowing what’s around you, to knowing exactly where you’re headed and what you’ll find when you get there, yacht navigation electronics reflect constantly evolving technology. Without design, engineering, skilled installers and technicians, and trained operators all you’ve got is expensive flashing lights. That’s why Concord Marine Electronics and Head Design Engineer Michael Robilio’s approach emphasizes design and integration ensuring a competent, dependable, and easily operated system.

Ready to upgrade and looking for a coherent nav system? Working on a new build and interested in a company which will truly partner with you instead of just emptying their inventory?  Concord engineering and design makes all the difference- if you want your nav equipment to work as a system, you need a team behind you.

Web:  Concord Marine Electronics - Fort Lauderdale - 954-779-1100 

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