Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Luxury yachts and luxury cinema- Kaleidescape debuts new service on yacht “Solo”- Monaco Yacht Show

Concord Marine Electronics and Kaleidescape

Concord Marine Electronics’ partnership with Kaleidescape, the premier on-board entertainment hardware and content delivery system, delivers approximately 10,000 movie titles from major Hollywood studios to wherever your yacht takes you.  At this year’s Monaco Yacht Show, Kaleidescape announced their new Marine Movie Service while on board “Solo”, a 72-meter Tankoa with a Francesco Paszkowski interior designed with a heavy focus on entertainment for family, guests, and friends. 
concord marine electronics kaleidescape yacht movies entertainment system

Concord Marine Electronics, based in Fort Lauderdale, designs, sells, installs, and services Kaleidescape as part of their full-service marine electronics offerings, including navigation, communication, security, and entertainment systems. Concord’s more than 28 years of experience in the marine electronics industry complements the professional design, sales and installation of cutting-edge entertainment technologies like Kaleidescape and Crestron.

Kaleidescape’s new Marine Movie Service, available in 2018, makes content and delivery curation seamless and simple by structuring the process of adding new titles in as ‘hands-off’ a manner as possible. Simplifying content delivery means more movies with less work for owners, guests, crew, and family.

Concord’s focus on design, installation, and support means yacht owners get a lot more than hardware and a list of titles. “We engineer solutions, whether it’s entertainment, navigation, communication, or security” said Michael Robilio, Concord’s chief designer. “Kaleidescape’s Marine Movie Service means on-board entertainment options include movies available on the same date they’re made available to local customers. We’re proud to be part of this 2018 rollout."

Of course, private cinema requires more than just titles, he continued. “Entertainment systems are that- we can supply the screens, projectors, audio, and controls. But the design element is critical, and that’s the strength we play to.”

Kaleidescape Marine Movie Service delivers content on either a new Kaleidescape system, or by upgrading an existing system using an encrypted USB drive. DVD and Blu-Ray can be hard to obtain and often can’t deliver the high-fidelity source product a current yacht private cinema can show to best effect. Whether for charter or family use, movies onboard are increasing part of the luxury yacht experience. 

And Concord’s approach, using Kaleidescape as part of a complete onboard entertainment system, means the hardware and software in the private cinema or stateroom is easy to use. Crestron, another of Concord’s partnerships, supplies remote controls or mobile device apps able to select, start, stop and adjust music and movies to each user and user area. The latest Hollywood release in the master and Netflix in the guest? Not a problem with Concord, Kaleidescape, and Crestron.

Concord Marine Electronics engineers, designers, installers, and customer support team make your yacht’s onboard entertainment system current, responsive and adaptable. All components and content are high-definition and built to take advantage of the latest in audio-visual technology. Now, with Kaleidescape Marine Movie Service, the latest Hollywood has to offer can delight your guests and family- and maybe make the difference on a charter.

Please visit us in Fort Lauderdale, contact us through the contact page on our web site, email us, or call us at +1 954-779-1100.

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