Thursday, September 13, 2018

Kaleidescape- the best in onboard entertainment

Want to offer family and guests the absolute best audio/visual viewing and listening experience? Love movies and music? A Kaleidescape system from Concord Marine Electronics delivers. 

concord marine electronics kaleidescape entertainment system yacht movies

What is Kaleidescape? It’s movies and music delivered in HD and Dolby on demand in any onboard space you want- theater, salon, stateroom, deck or bridge.  It’s hardware and content, the devices and controls you need plus over 10,000 movie titles, most available weeks before you can purchase them on disc. It’s the ability to set content levels so the kids’ staterooms only get what’s appropriate. It’s the ability to watch different videos in different areas at the same time, all at the highest frame rate and highest dynamic range. Kaleidescape and Concord put the entertainment world at your fingertips, with iPad or Crestron remote control options.

concord marine electronics kaleidescape yacht movie entertainment

  • Movies start immediately- no spooling, no trailers
  • Jump right to your favorite scene or song without fast forwarding
  • 4K Ultra HD with high dynamic range at 60 frames per second
  • Dolby Atmos capable
  • Integration with modern A/V control systems available- dim lights, mask screen to aspect ratio
  • Use your own Blu-Ray or HD content in addition to Kaleidescape offerings- disc based and server based systems mean the largest possible selection for family and guests 
Check out this yacht with a Concord Kaleidescape installation controlled by an iPad:

You can find Kaleidescape on over 1000 of the world’s finest yachts, and you can find Kaleidescape in Concord Marine Electronics’ menu of products and services designed and installed by factory trained technicians. And design is the key- understanding the requirements leads to selecting the correct equipment and capabilities. Without a design team working closely to get the system planned right the first time, it’s just hardware. 

Concord Marine Electronics- your Fort Lauderdale marine Kaleidescape experts. Learn more about Concord’s Kaleidescape services and enjoy onboard audio-visual entertainment at a whole new level.
concord marine electronics kaleidescape onboard movies entertainment


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