Wednesday, September 5, 2018

What’s the best yacht audio/video system? Who do I get to install it?

Crestron- what it is and why Concord Marine Electronics does it better. 

concord marine electronics crestron yacht electronics dealer

Yachts take us away, but we want to take a lot with us, and that includes marine entertainment systems capable of delivering our tunes, our videos, the pictures we took and shared today, and the ability to enjoy the latest offerings. What better place to face ‘winter is coming’ than on board? 

Crestron provides the most complete platform to transmit and distribute audio/video throughout your yacht.  With a Crestron system onboard each area of the yacht, whether it’s a stateroom, salon, or even outdoor viewing area, receives high-definition content on request with a simple controller or iPad. Crestron’s slogan, “Any content, anywhere” means you and your guests can enjoy DirecTV, your media library, streaming, or any digital AV content on demand.

Concord and Crestron provide:

  • Connectivity solutions for yachts
  • Integrated remote controls linking all A/V systems and content
  • Hardware and software to interconnect and interface your  yacht audio-visual system
Concord Marine Electronics  engineers and installs Crestron AV integration systems with the highest level of Crestron design certification, which in turn enables our five-year warranty- something most dealers can’t offer. And for Concord, it’s never just the hardware, it’s the team of designers, engineers, and installers that make each yacht audio/visual system flexible, dependable, and capable of delivering the highest quality content to every onboard device. Check out our audio-visual systems page for more information about our discovery process and warranty considerations.

Watch Concord system designer Michael Robilio walk through a full yacht Crestron installation including a look at Concord Marine Electronics installation team craftsmanship: 

A yacht A/V system includes a lot behind the scenes- confirming the use and expectations for each device, understanding where and how cabling works on a yacht, provisioning and installing to make future service and upgrades easily accomplished, and establishing and keeping to a budget.  Want to upgrade your existing system to full high-definition? Concord A/V installations and refits take advantage of compatible components when you add state-of-the-art equipment.

Some common scenarios for Concord, in addition to our new build installations, involve refits and upgrades where a yacht has at least part of an entertainment system but wants to take advantage of DirecTV high def. We can determine if the existing antenna dome can accommodate the upgraded antenna to preserve the yacht’s appearance as well as specifying the receivers, controls, and screens you’ll need. And, of course, streaming services- Internet connectivity over 4G LTE or dockside wired or WiFi can provide access to all your favorite online services. Onboard media libraries can be upgraded and delivered on demand throughout the vessel as well.

Entertainment systems are just that- systems. When you’re ready to provide your family, guests, or charters the best in A/V, Concord Marine Electronics and Crestron delivers high-quality content, certified installation design, workmanship to the highest marine standards, and the hardware you can trust to deliver the best experience.


Which picture looks familiar?

concord marine electronics crestron yacht entertainment remote control

Call us for some Crestron!

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